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Golden Hill Bikes
GOLDEN HILL Bicycle Shop is one of the most prominent and respected sellers and distributors of high-quality Bicycle in the UAE today. The company operating over a decade ago and giving the people who is Bicycle enthusiast a good and high-quality bicycle item.
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Our History


Time shows our success.

Originally established over a decade ago, GOLDEN HILL Bicycle Shop has been able to distinguish itself from other similar businesses by means of providing high-quality Bicycles which are backed by a genuine guarantee.


High quality is one of our important factors.

Nobody understands the needs for high-quality Bicycle products the way we do, and therefore over the years we have sourced products from almost every major manufacturer and for every Bicycle available in the UAE.


We are always working on our pricing to match our customer’s wishes.

The one thing that we have always stood by is our pricing. We cut out pointless overhead and bypass middlemen to make sure that the prices you see and get are the very best. Therefore our quotation is the only one our clients need in most cases to make a decision. It is also the leading reason why an increasing number of clients chose to do business with us despite the market having expanded these past few years.